Success is a progression. It's about relentlessly pursuing what makes you you.


My name is Hollis, and I have had the fortune of falling in love with many things. The pursuit of my curiosities has led me to fundraise for the hungry, oversee the revamp of a fashion magazine, and push my boundaries as a creative strategist for the leading marketing agency in Charleston, SC. It has been a fun and incredibly rewarding journey, and along the way, I have honed my skills in these areas: 

  • Graphic design for ad campaigns, marketing collateral, websites, social media, blogs and print publications
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Project management for creative initiatives
  • Creating, planning and executing large-scale sponsored events
  • Media outreach and relationship building
  • Organization and management of photo shoots
  • Social media account management and strategy 

My ever-evolving inspiration comes from what I enjoy everyday. I love the beach, yoga, and getting my hands dirty with DIY projects. I have a pet-partner in crime, a snaggletoothed Persian cat named Ming Lee, and a solid network of family and friends. These are the roots that keep me grounded, but have never held me back from an adventure.

I am currently traveling the world as a full-time content producer for Tony Robbins - but am taking on graphic design and copywriting projects in my free time. Get in touch!